Saturday, March 10, 2007

Derivative Source

A DERIVATIVE SOURCE is anything that specifies the origin of a fact or piece of information, but is dependant on some other authority for the information included therein. A derivative source should be distringuished from an ORIGINAL SOURCE. Derivative sources may be written, visual, or verbal, and include documents, publications, and people. Derivative sources include indexes, abstracts, transcriptions, translations, and compilations. See SOURCE.

  • A vital records index is a derivative source.
  • The Social Security Death Index is a derivative source.
  • A family bible may be a derivative source if the information contained therein was obtained from an authority other than the person who entered the information.
  • A family member or friend may be a derivative source if the information provided was not obtained first-hand.
  • A church jubilee book or a town history is usually a derivative source.

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